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AIRACE Micro CO2 Pump Inflator w/ CO2 Cartridge Sleeve | AC-03

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The AiraceUSA micro CO2 pump is a compact and super micro size CO2 inflator, which fits your needs for any quick and easy inflation on the road or trail.

User-friendly design for releasing and stopping the air by twisting the CO2 cartridge from left to right.

A CO2 cartridge can mount onto the pump inflator via top or bottom for better functionality while using on a bike tire.

Can be used interchangeably between Presta and Schrader air valves.

The Inflator comes with a detachable CO2 cartridge sleeve for easy grip when in use.

Note: CO2 cartridge is not included.

Additional Features:
  • Micro size CO2 inflator
  • User friendly CO2 cartridge twist-feature for air control
  • Detachable CO2 cartridge sleeve
  • Fit for both Presta and Schrader air valves
  • CO2 cartridge size: 16 grams with thread

Out of stock



  • Valve Type: Reversible Presta and Schrader Air Valves
  • CO2 Cartridge: Can mount onto micro pump inflator from bottom. Size: 16 Grams with Thread
  • Pump Dimensions(L, H, W): 1.4 in x 1.6 in x 0.6 in (3.6 cm x 4.2 cm x 1.5 cm)
  • Sleeve Dimensions (L, H, W): 1.1 in x 2.2 in x 1.1 in (2.8 cm x 5.6 cm x 2.8 cm)
  • Weight: Micro Pump Inflator: 0.4 oz (0.03 lb), CO2 Cartridge Sleeve: 0.2 oz (0.02 lb), Micro Pump Inflator and CO2 Cartridge Sleeve: 0.6 oz (0.04 lb)
  • Item Number: AI-AC-03
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